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1337 Professional Stylish Hair Dryers For Women And Men (Hot And Cold Dryer)

1337 Professional Stylish Hair Dryers For Women And Men (Hot And Cold Dryer)

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Professional Stylish Hair Dryers For Women And Men


Ring Metal Design, the wind is more smooth, a wider range of hair, regular cleaning to extend the service life, please do not use the outlet when the outlet.

two- stage wind control, with third gear temperature adjustment, to meet a variety of modeling needs, heart changes

Hood stainless steel filter, filter hair and dust, beautiful and durable, removable out to clean up

Two delicate hook design, with suspension, bold, do not use when hanging up more convenient, but also save space.



After Shampooing, first use a dry towel to absorb the hair on the drip and than use the hair dryer, otherwise hair will continue to be high temperature easy to dry.

The outlet from the hair to keep in 20-30cm far, if the hair is thicker, you can spilt the hair into several parts, starting from the hair root dry

Blowing hair can not be a long time to blow a place to move quickly, and do not let the hot air is to strong

The hair blowing to into the best, if you want to apply some stereo types products, this time the most appropriate, the smallest damage to the hair.



Number of speed settings: 2

Number of heat settings: 2

Number of units : 1

Attachment types: Concentrator

Technology used: EHD+

Power required (Volts): 220-240V

Wattage: 1400 W

Weight: 350 g

Cord length: 1.8 m cord length

Cold air feature: Yes

Foldable: No

Hanging loop: Yes

Color: Black

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