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1548 Digital Vernier Caliper for Taking Internal, External Depth Thickness

1548 Digital Vernier Caliper for Taking Internal, External Depth Thickness

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Meauring Tool- Electronic Digital Caliper 

Electronic Digital Caliper, with the large LCD digital screen and three easy-to-switch measuring modes(inch, millimeter and fractions), makes the measurement much easier to read. Hardened Stainless Steel, NO plastic, and the machine-grooved thumb-roll mechanism allow it to glide easily and protect against water splashes/oil with IP54 rating of Water drop and dust resistant. Besides, the position locking screw makes position-setting accurately. You can easily adjust it to measure inside and outside dimensions, step and depth measurements. It autos off after 5 minutes of non-use help to save battery life.

Product features

ABS Measurement Two Measuring Modes: Perform Absolute Measurement by activating the ABS switch. One button quick change between measuring modes of inches and millimeters.

PRECISION | ACCURACY: Measurement Range: 0 - 6"" and 0 - 150mm; Accuracy: 0.001"" / 0.03mm

Hardened Stainless Steel: finely polished hardened stainless steel frame with knurled thumb roller and locking screw ensure smooth sliding and accurate positioning in use

Versatility: measure inside, outside, depth and step with two sets of jaws and the probe

• Automatic shut-off
• One button switch between inches or millimeters or fractions
• Smooth, brushed all stainless steel, no plastic, glides easily without sticking
• Position lock for duplicate measurements
• Capable of measuring inside and outside dimensions, step and depth measurements
• Can be set to Zero at any position, for differential measurement

Package Include: 1 x Digital Caliper

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