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3677 Mason Jar with Airtight lids (2000 ml)

3677 Mason Jar with Airtight lids (2000 ml)

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Standard Mason Jar with Airtight lids

The leak-proof metal lid keeps air and excessive moisture out, extending the shelf-life and freshness of food.

Product Highlights :

Great for Storage

Each jar comes with a lid that ensures an airtight seal that keeps dry foods from going stale and beverages tasting fresh and delicious while also extending their shelf-life so you can enjoy them for longer.

Regular Mouth Opening

Our regular mouth jars have a opening for trouble-free filling of fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices. Easily clean the jars out with a bottle brush or with a sponge.

Exceptional Quality Glass

Food-grade and lead-free materials for beverage and food consumption. The durable jars are dishwasher safe for your convenience.


Create and serve beverage drinks, cocktails, smoothies, parfaits, desserts, salads, and overnight oats. DIY - Decor and craft with a vintage style jar for parties and displayed centerpieces, or as a unique gift. Spruce up decor arrangements with acrylic paint, flowers, etc.

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